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Ho-Ho-Ho-liday table settings

10 Dec 2019

The holidays is a time for gathering with family and friends and we want to help guide you to the perfect table setting.Whether you want to throw a formal dinner party that takes place around a traditional table or just a casual dinner with family and friends, here are some simple guidelines to help you establish the desired tone. Just in time for the holidays. 

The bread plate and the butter knife sit above the forks.

Above the dinner plate are a dessert fork and dessert spoon.

The water glass sits above the knife, with the red and white wine glass.

From the left, the forks are for the salad and main course.

For a formal setting, the napkin is placed on the center plate or charger, but it can also be placed to the left of the plate.

To the right of the plate, from the left, are the dinner knife and the soup spoon. 

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Lucille Acs

Real Estate Broker